Click on the given link

Put your login ID and password and click on LOGIN,

2FA Password is your registered PAN number or registered Mobile number

If you don’t know the password then reset your password

Click on “Get it here”, following window will open,

Select reset password option, put your User Id (Login id / Trading Id) and registered email id, click on Submit,

You will get message on screen “Forgot Password Request Sent”

New password will be sent to your registered mail id (This mail is from and text message will be sent to Registered mobile number (This message is from IM-NBBANG),

Close above window, go to Login page, login with new password, this new password you received is OTP (one time password)

So when you login with new password following page will be there

Click on OK; put your new password (The password must be Alpha numeric with a minimum of 6 & maximum 12 characters in length.

Space is not a valid character in the password. Special character is allowed in password) then confirm password and click on LOGIN

Then complete your login process by putting your 2FA password

If you enter wrong password three times, your account will get locked and you will get following message on screen

In this case, click on “Get it here” on login page

Following window will open, Select Unlock Account

Enter your user id and email id, click on Submit, You will get message “Account Unlocked Successfully” on screen

Then close the window, login with correct password if you don’t know the password you can reset it.

When you logged in, one DEFAULT market watch will be displayed.

To create new profile, click on Change

Write the name of new profile you want to add; in below image we are creating profile with the name of “TEST”

After writing name of new profile click on Plus (+) symbol

New profile will be added and can be seen in profile list.

Then double click on TEST and then click on Change option

Then click on setting icon as shown in above image then click on Save Profile

This way you can add new profile and save it,

Note: - If you do not save the newly added profile as shown in above image, it will be deleted.

Then again click on Change, you will see following window

Click on NSE, list of exchanges will open; select your exchange, then select segment like EQUITIES,FUTIDX, FUTSTK etc.

Then write the script name, different available scrip’s will be shown; select the scripts you want add, and then click on add scrip

New scrip will be added (Here we have added ACC)

Right click on the script you want to delete, and then select “Remove Scrip/Contract”


Select the script and hit Delete button on keyboard

Right click on script you want to buy, and then select Buy OR Sell option


Select the script and press F1 key for Buying and F2 key for Selling of keyboard.

Buy Order Window

Sell Oder Window

Orders Book provides information regarding orders placed and status of the orders for all instruments. Orders Book pane is used For viewing, modifying, and canceling buy/sell orders.

To open Order Book, click here

Your Order Book will be displayed

Out of all orders in order book we can modify pending orders only,

Select the order then click on modify icon shown by pencil

Following window will be open, make require changes and submit the order

To cancel the order, select the order and click on cancel order icon pointed by an arrow in below image

Trade book displays all executed trades. To see trade book, click on Trading then Trade book.

Following Window will open

Net Position displays the open positions in Equity and Derivatives markets. ODIN™ Admin also supports squaring off the positions.

From the Net Position window as and when required. You can also view daily and expiry periodicity.

Click on Trading then Net Position

Following window will open

Stock View window will open, in which you can see your stock holding.

To see Best Five of any script right click on that script and select Best 5 option.

Following Window will open

To open Chart of any script right click on that script and select Chart option.

Chart will be displayed on new tab, you can view Historic Chart by click on Intraday option and select Historic.

To open Advance Chart, click on this option.

Advance Chart window will open, as shown below

To add Indicator, to see time period , Chart type (Price Style) use options shown in below image.

To view your available Funds, click on Trading then select Funds View option.

Funds View window will get open in a new tab.

To transfer funds from Bank to your Demat account, click on My Account then select PayIn option.

You will be redirected to the below page, select Fund Transfer

Following page will open, enter the Amount and click Submit, you will be directed to your bank login page, and then complete the process.

To withdraw Funds, click on My Account then select Withdraw Funds option.

You will be redirected to the below page, select Exchange Type and click Proceed.

Following window will open, select Mode of Payment, Bank and Enter Amount, then click on Submit.

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