When you are all set to kick-start trading, you need to open a Demat and trading account with the help of the stockbroker. As a Demat account is necessary for an online trading journey for your ease, you must open the best Demat account for an overwhelming trade experience.

To create a Demat account, you need to choose a depository that would be the best fit for you to trade in the share exchanges. Consequently, you need to select the best Demat account for trading to begin your voyage in investing shares.

You may be wondering, what is there to choose between Demat accounts? After all, it’s just an account where you can hold your shares. But you must do some research before choosing your Demat account.

Here are some factors that you need to consider before choosing the best demat account.

    SEBI has mandated a complete procedure of creating a Demat account that the service provider needs to follow. However, service providers can also simplify the process to a certain extent. For example, the Demat account can be opened through the e-KYC process, wherein the entire process of account opening can be authenticated using your Aadhaar data. The e-KYC process is undertaken online, and the client only needs to do a final self-identification either through a video camera or through in-person verification.

    In e-KYC, the time to trade should be less than two days, whereas, in a physical account opening, the time to trade should be less than five days.

    This is the second point, which you have to look for. Generally, Every broker has its own inbuilt software, which you can download. However, you need to check some reviews to know more about this. Apart from this, you also need to check their web-based application. Nirmal Bang provides analytical stock market research with through Beyond App, you can access this application from your phone at your own comfort. With the help of this app, you can stay updated about the recent trends in the stock market. Overall, ease of use is much more important to understand and act immediately in day trading.

    As this is a competitive world, there are brokers who lined up to provide you very low broking costs. You need to determine which broker or trading company you want to open Demat account with. If it is for trading, then you must bargain with a broker. If you are an investor then, there is less chance your broker will reduce brokerage. However, brokers earn from your frequency of trade. Moreover, in delivery based trading, the frequency of trade will be less.

    Demat Account has some charges, even if it means keeping your account idle. At present, there are no fees to create a Demat account. When you calculate the cost of Demat, you need to look at the overall and complete range of costs. There is a yearly maintenance charge that is billed to your account every year.

    Whenever there is a debit from your Demat account, a cost payable is charged. Moreover, there are costs involved if you request for a physical transaction copy or physical copy of the Demat holdings. Your Demat account also includes a cost when your Demat request form (DRF) is rejected or your debit instruction slip (DIS) is rejected. Additionally, your Demat requests are charged on a per certificate basis. You must take a look at all these costs when opting for a Demat account.

    Gradually, depository participants (DPs) are expanding their services beyond simple account statements. DP’s have started to deliver online analytics like direct call-to-action for trading clients, industry concentration, real-time valuation, analytics on Demat inflows/outflows, timely alerts, and thematic concentration, among other things. These are value additions, but as a client, you must insist on these additional advantages.

    Once you start with intraday trading, then at the end of the day you need to square off the position. If not, then the broker initiates himself. Hence, Find out the timing of such an initiation. It is usually a few hours before the market closure. Thus, you need to check whether positions will be squaring off at 2.45 or at 3.15.

All of us want the best of everything in our lives. With a little foresight and knowledge, you can actually translate your wish into reality. The key is to select the best depository that has a team of excellent DPs. This will guide you to move ahead in the financial markets. So, what are you waiting for? Get started right now and open the top Demat account to earn attractive profits and secure the future of you and your family.

  • Can A Stock Broker Open A Demat Account For A Trader/ Investor?
  • Yes, a trader/investor can take the help of a leading stock broker to open a demat and trading account. Stock brokers not only help with the submission of information but also set up the account and ready it for an individual to start investing/ trading.

  • Can A Demat Account Be Opened Online?
  • Yes, a demat account can be opened online with the help of a stock broker.

  • Are Any Documents Required To Open A Demat Account?
  • A number of documents as mandated by the markets regulator are required to open a demat account. To view the list of documents, visit

  • Are There Charges/ Fees To Open A Demat Account?
  • There are no charges to open a demat account. However, you are expected to pay an annual maintenance fee to the stock broking company you open the demat account with.