Why Traders Lose Money in Intraday Trading

Why Traders Lose Money in Intraday Trading

Intraday Trading can help you churn out huge profits, however, one should also remember that it is a highly risky task. It is said that almost 90% of people lose money in intraday trading. Most of the intraday traders lose money because they fail to understand the market movements and end up taking the wrong decisions.

Here are some of the reasons why intraday traders lose money in intraday trading:

An intraday trader must stick to a proper plan. A full-fledged intraday plan includes profit targets, factors to consider, methods to put a stop loss, and ways to select the right trading hours. The trading plan provides a comprehensive overview of how trading should be executed. Also, you can keep a record of trades executed during the day with the performance analysis of each stock at the end of the day. Such records help you identify the weak areas in your trading strategy and correct them. It is very important to be disciplined as a trader, the proper discipline will help you minimize the losses and maintain your capital.

In intraday trading, the success lies in managing the risk. You should pre-define a stop loss and profit target when entering intraday trading. This strategy itself is an important part of trading discipline and this is where most people fail. For instance, if you incur a loss in the first hour itself, you should shut down the trading terminal for the rest of the day. You should also have an overall capital loss limit in place, it will safeguard you against trading losses.

This is one of the common mistakes in the trading community. When a trader incurs a loss, he/she either tries to average a position or overtrades excessively to recover the loss. This further leads to a greater loss and put them into more trouble. Losses are a part of intraday trading, instead of overtrading, it is wise to accept the loss, analyze the strategy and make improvements from the next day.

Nowadays, there are ample of intraday tips flowing everywhere on the digital media. It is a common phenomenon for a trader to rely on these external tips, however, this needs to be avoided. The best way to learn intraday trading is by gradually learning how to read charts, understanding structures, and interpreting results on your own. Many traders refrain from taking these efforts and because of this, they end up on the losing side. The Beyond App by Nirmal Bang provides deeper insights into the market, the technical research offered by Nirmal Bang is spot on. You can use that research for reference, however, nothing can beat practical experience.

The external news, events, and tragedies do have an impact on the stock market. Hence, it is important for an intraday trader to keep a track of the Indian as well as global markets. Even the performance of global markets has an impact on the movement of Indian markets. Make your trade after the news or event has been announced, do not try to speculate the market based on the news.

There are even instances when traders do not have any sound trading strategy, they just make decisions based on gut feelings or emotions. One needs to remember that intraday trading in itself is a skill, it is not a gamble, it takes time to develop proficiency, you cannot expect rapid results. The above are some of the major reasons why intraday traders lose money, ensure that you are disciplined enough, stick to a proper strategy, analyze your strategy at regular intervals, and things will fall in place.