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Online Share trading Account

Welcome to Nirmal Bang online share trading platform in India. Nirmal Bang offers one of the best online share trading and allied services in India. We provide an array of products like equities, derivatives, commodities, currency derivatives, insurance, depository services and subscription to IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) and Mutual Funds India.

Trading in shares of various companies presents a distinctive opportunity to make money. But there are certain things that you need to be careful about before you start shares trading in India using our platform.

You should thoroughly research the stock/company whose shares you want to invest in India. The research information on the background of the company, how strong its corporate governance is, reputation of the company, market share, financial performance, amount of debt taken by the company, etc. You can use the content available on our website for finding this information.

The price of a share depends on several internal and external factors. Internal factors are operating performance, managing of costs, quality of management etc, while external factors are political environment, economic scams, change in regulations or government policies, financial results etc. These factors could result in a slide in stock prices that are affected or likely to get affected by these factors. Therefore, please be alert about these factors (internal and external) that may affect a company or an industry directly or indirectly

For this you need to track the shares market and the news regularly. Also take timely decisions to be successful in the share market. To make maximum profits buy at dips and sell at peaks. Do not buy and sell shares on impulse as impulsive buying is like gambling where the probability to make a loss is quite high. You should, therefore, wait for the right time to invest in a particular share.

Research section on our website is content rich and provides daily reports, company reports stock ideas, sector updates among other things to the visitors.

Online trading platform is open to a lot of people. Hence, if you are using a public computer do not save your username, password or any other detail since there is every likelihood that this information can be misused by other people.

Security: Do not do online share trading from websites that do not begin with HTTP. HTTPS sites are secure and hence are considered ideal for online share transactions.

Confidential: Do not disclose the password of your demat account to anyone and keep changing it from time to time.

Avoid speculation: Do not get carried away by rumours and make sure you obtain information about a particular share or a company from reliable sources before taking any decision.

Own judgment: Investors should use their own judgment and must not get carried away by rumours that are floating in the share market. They should consult experts and analysts covering those sectors before taking a call on share market news. The information needed on any listed company is available on our website in the Smart Quotes section on our home page.

Rules and Regulations: Investors should go through the rules and regulations provided by the SEBI (market regulator), the NSE (National Stock Exchange) or the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

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